About 3:5

We Are A Team Of Dedicated Professionals

Where did the name Thirty Five come from?

It’s a play on the numbers 3 and 5 from Proverbs 3:5,

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

You can work with anyone to build your software and marketing tools. Yet, few you can trust with full strategy and execution. Trust 3:5.

At Thirty Five, we exist to create opportunities. Either by directly working with companies to engage, educate, and grow their tribes through custom software solutions and proven business strategies or by helping entrepreneurs launch their own Marketing and Technology companies. Our mission is to give every brand the tools it needs to be dynamic and powerful. Utilizing our processes, expertise, and FastTribe CXM™ platform.

Thirty Five provides the support and innovation that will increase your influence, reach, and revenue using technology that works for you. Delivered at a predictable price by a partner you can trust.

Our Values

  • We Love. (God + People)

    We believe greatness comes from a great Creator. We seek God first and treasure relationships. We believe you matter and deserve our love and compassion and utmost respect as a human being.

  • We Wow. (Service + Expertise)

    We believe every brand should be dynamic and powerful. We will bring our best creativity, expert services and work ethic to relentlessly execute your vision and achieve your goals.

  • We Give. (Community + Causes)

    We believe there is joy in giving through tangible acts of service and gifts. Every client who partners with us will experience the blessing of giving through our GOGO Tribe Initiative.

  • We Enjoy. (Passion + Energy)

    We believe life is short and doing great work should be fun for all. You deserve to work with people who are encouraging, energetic and passionate about delivering solutions to your business problems.