Omni-Channel Sequencing is how Thirty Five Does Marketing

Launch your interactive content marketing program using our team to plan, execute, and measure results.

By leveraging FastTribe we provide automated services that combine the use of traditional communication tools such as direct mail, printed items, etc. along with cutting-edge technology such as IP Addressing, Mobile Conquest, e-mail, e-blasts, SEO and other digital communications – all in a sequence designed to drive and funnel lead traffic to a point of purchase. The sequence is essential to ensure a seamless experience is delivered to the potential buyer.

Omni-Channel Marketing…

  • 01

    Fully integrates sales with marketing efforts in a tag team approach to acquire, process and close leads.

  • 02

    Focuses on your target - we build your strategy around the concept of the phrase: "Market specifically; Sell generally."

  • 03

    Builds overall brand awareness while targeting a specific buyer in a specific market segment while allowing a seamless experience for prospects.

  • 04

    Sets a sequence of events in motion designed to consistently deliver touch points that resonate with your audience.

  • 05

    Clearly outlines the responsibilities of each party (sales, marketing, customer service, etc.) – establishing the highest level of accountability on both sides.

  • 06

    Produces tangible and measurable results for assessment of both marketing and sales. We firmly believe that these departments should work in tandem.

  • 07

    Eliminates waste (reaching non-buyers) often found in traditional branding tools such as print advertisements, etc.

  • 08

    We don't advocate for broad stroke messaging about an organization, instead, we focus on creating messaging that will not interrupt rather resonate.

  • 09

    Focuses on reach, frequency, and impressions geared toward your target audience in a controlled, consistent, and measurable manner.

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