Our Mission

Software as a Mission

You have probably heard of Software as a Service (“SaaS”). We love SaaS and live in this world. But, we also have another love: Missions. So, to play on the SaaS idea, we’ve created “SaaM” — Software as a Mission.

Here’s how we define SaaM

We have a heart for missions and non-profit. Our definition of missions applies to Christian Missions. Our vision involves being software missionaries. Why can’t we use our gifts, talents, skills and abilities in the world of web and software to help those in need? Some call it Business As Mission. ‘Business As Mission’ is the concept that business professionals can use their God-given skills and talents to assist poor entrepreneurs in developing countries who are starting small businesses as a way out of poverty. This revolves mostly around micro-lending. Thirty Five is using our God-given skills and talents in web and software to assist small ministries and non-profits as well as inner city businesses needing a boost.