4 Creative Types of Interactive Marketing

Gone with the wind are traditional one-way marketing methods. Here to stay (until the next wave of change anyway!) are interactive marketing methods. Below are four super creative, unique examples you can use to not only improve customer engagement but to also get more feedback and provide killer content at the same time.

  1. Interactive Video Marketing

One of the most popular forms of interactive marketing is video marketing. It’s an effective way to employ humor, which is key to the best interactive marketing campaigns.

Humor influences the people’s behavior in a positive wayThe right hemisphere is activated with emotional stimuli such as humor…[T]he public will relate to the brand on a more personal, and memorable level. Awwwards

You can discover all sorts of interactive videos by keying interactive marketing videos in to YouTube or even by doing a quick Google search. Discover Europe is one of our favorites.

  1. Calculators

Another creative method includes very simple calculators that asks users to put in specific information and churns out customized results. Hands down, this method is one of the most user-driven types of interactive marketing. Is there a number your clients may want to calculate? Then this is a tool you want to get your hands on. Ceros has a number of examples to get you thinking about the possibilities.

  1. Print Ads

While print ads of yore focused on relaying information with no user input or response, today’s most creative advertisers are using print to draw the user in. You’ll love the creative spins that Motorola and fashion retailer C&A put on the ads here.  

  • Print Ad MotorolaThe brand teamed up with Wired to promote the Moto X’s customization. People could change the color of the phone by pushing buttons. Hubspot
  • Print Ad C&A: Fashion retailer C&A published a print ad in customized magazine editions that were linked to a person’s Facebook account. Readers could Like their favorite looks on Facebook by pressing the button in the ad. The data was then sent to a leaderboard in the store. Hubspot
  1. Reveal-Based Marketing

Users are also enjoying a type of interactive marketing called revel-based marketing, in which marketers draw users in by creating a barrier that delays their ability to touch, see or hear something. This, in turn, excites customers and “invokes a strong desire for answers.” (

A couple examples of this type of interactive marketing include motion interactions and games. Motion interaction ads prompt your user to learn about promotions and discounts by moving, shaking, tilting, blinking, or jumping to find out more (to reveal).

Games too are a great way to grab attention. They offer promotions and discounts by requiring the user to scratch away, spin, or play a flash game before viewing a deal.

Want to learn how to turn some of  your ideas into reality? If not, we have some creative ideas in mind for you (that we may just create for you for fun!). Email us now to find out more. 

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